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Hi, I’m Kryza!

I'm a Designer based in Toronto. I specialize in brand identity and strategy, illustrations, and content marketing - though I do love creating packaging and UI/UX design. I thrive on collaboration and communication.


I'm constantly admiring the world of design that surrounds me - and I continuously strive to use my own creativity and interconnectivity for design to revolutionize someone else's world.




I love plants!

If you know me, you know I love plants, and like a plant, I thrive in places that are warm, full of light, and foster growth. Being around bright, leafy green plants makes me feel energized, relaxed, and inspired! 

I love people!

Everyone has a story to tell and I love listening to each unique one! Building long term relationships with my clients based

on trust and transparency, results in a fun, efficient process and a long friendship.


I love fashion!

From minimalistic to bold styles, I love them all! Clothing has always been my subtle form of self-expression so I do enjoy modelling once in a while. You'll see I love experimenting and bring in these different styles in the work that I do.

I love learning!

You can never know too much, so I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and improve myself. Whether it’s related to design, learning new languages, exploring different cultures, I’m always seeking to gain more wisdom!


Ready to transform your brand?

I  am too! Let’s get to work! 

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