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Sustainibabe Microplastics Week & Socials

A week of activities and webinars dedicated to educating the public about microplastics and their impact.

Sustainibabe is a judgement-free community for urbanites

who want to learn sustainable habits for a greener earth.

They believe sustainable living is absolutely possible, no matter what one's lifestyle or budget is. Environmental sustainability is a mindset; it’s not about making sacrifices, but about learning ethical decision-making.

By working with Sustainibabe and my love of culture and the environment, I hoped my work with them as a sustainable collective would bring awareness to sustainability initiatives and environmental issues.

Project Details


Brand Design & Strategy, Content Creation, Design Consult


1 year 7 months


Illustrator, Canva, Clickup, Asana


Sustainibabe aims to educate people on an imperfect sustainable lifestyle as well as bring awareness to environmental issues impacting us locally and globally. Though mircoplastics pollution was a deep and heavy topic, I wanted the poster to have Sustainibabe's best qualities and tone of vibrancy, positivity and relatability. I collected statistics based on some of Sustainibabe's most popular posts and looking for similarities between each one. If not all, these posts share characteristics of organic flow, hand draw/ illustrative elements and a vibrant colour palette.


Taking into account, the engagement on different posts and and what Sustainibabe's audience responded to, I began sketching ideas that helped reflect the Sustainibabe's brand.

Power in Numbers and Results


Unique Attendees


Posts Worked On


Follower Increase

Celina Feng

For Microplastics Week, she was instrumental in preparing for and executing the week of events. Besides attending meetings to provide us with her expert opinion on how the events should be structured, she also collaborated with the core planning team to deliver eye-catching visuals to advertise the events to our audience.

Our events were attended by 250 unique attendees over the whole week and Microplastics Week was a resounding success as each event "sold out"!

I couldn't be happier with Kryza's work for Sustainibabe and appreciate her professionalism in helping the team achieve our education goals through Sustainibabe.

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