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A 3 night event series aimed to inspire attendees with critical new ideas, to think differently, and engage in meaningful dialogue with fellow curious souls.

I volunteered and collaborated with TEDxToronto as a Creative and Marketing Graphic Designer for 4 months and was then promoted to the role of the Creative Design Manager at TEDx.

Throughout my time with TEDxToronto I created brand collateral and assets for the TEDxToronto website, social media, and as well as the newsletter to promote their Flagship Conference of 2022, TEDx Circles, TEDx Adventures, and other related events and requests. Aside from overseeing production, managing and leading a team of designers, I collaborated on creating the Visual Identity for the TEDxToronto Flagship Conference of 2022. The theme this year was called RENEW. Renew was about taking effort and determination. In sight of recent events of the pandemic, it was about beginning again: to reflect on the past, and challenge the status quo.

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Brand Strategy, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Creative and Project Management


8 months


Illustrator, XD, Clickup, Slack


Renewal takes hard work, striving, and going in a different direction than what was once thought to be. It’s about challenging the status quo, taking what we have today as the “raw material” to build something new. With the theme messaging in mind, I thought about the events that lead up to the inspiration of RENEW such as past events that deeply impacted the community as well as shine a light on how people came together during those times and what emotions and thoughts they must have been going through.


I took the messaging of Renew and dove deep into what beginning again meant to me. Renew was all about progress and develop meant. We pause and assess where we are, we imagine a better future, and then we make it happen.

With that as my inspiration, I created 2 concepts: Blueprint and Channels. Everyone loved the Channels concept. As the team jumped on board with it, we collaborated on a new concept for RENEW which was how the Risograph concept was created, it's inspired by a printing techinique. For more on the final result, check out the project gallery!

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Maninder Singh

Creative Director
Kryza is not only an incredible designer, but he is also a great manager. In our journey at TEDxToronto, she coordinated well between marketing and creative team members & made sure that we stay aligned with our identity design.

I would recommend Kryza's services to anyone looking for a results-driven, professional brand development resource that can deliver according to agreed-upon budget and timeline.

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