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The Reading Partnership Learning Materials

Every child in every community should have the skills and confidence they need to make positive choices for their lives and their futures.

The Reading Partnership strives to create and deliver literacy-focused programs and resources to provide children and families with opportunities to be successful at all stages of life. With their work they empower and support families and organizations with the programs and tools to teach and inspire children to write and read.

My favourite thing about working with TRP is knowing that the work I'm doing is impacting someone else's life for the better. The families and children, may not know me but a lot of love and hard work was put into all the work I do with TRP, most especially the Tiny Tales books.

It warms my heart to know that my designs and illustrations are helping a child learn and grow.

Project Details


Brand Design & Strategy, Content Creation, Editorial Design, Digital Advertisement, Presentation Design, Illustration


2 years - present


Illustrator, XD, Canva, Asana


Being the older of younger cousins, and having been a kindergarten student assistant I'm accustomed to helping children with their home work. I know what kids what kids respond to and find engaging, though I don't know much about the logistics of some learning activities. So I took a look at the original TRP learning resources as well as anything I could find in the dollarstore or online.


I drew some inspiration from the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I would say it one one of the books I remember most from my kindergarten days.

I definitely wanted to portray the same feeling and playful attitude with in designs and illustrations with the creative ways things were arranged as well as how organic and rough the illustrations are. Though TRP has a lovely colour palette for their brand colours, I felt like it wasn't reflected enough in their past materials. Their website definitely got the message across but there was a bit of disconnect with their learning materials as well as their social media.

My goal was to make things more consistent and engaging for the team. viewers and young learners.

Power in Numbers and Results


and more illustrations created!


Projects Worked On


and more families impacted!

Camesha Cox

Founder & Educator
This was one of my best experiences working with a designer.

I am very proud of the outcomes. The quality of work and professionalism was exceptional.

I reccommend Kryza without hesitation. She is a master at her craft, listens to her clients and provides exceptional service on time, on budget and on brand.

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