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Salesforce Trailblazers Roundtable

Salesforce is always helping leaders and entrepreneurs pursue success in their business ventures. It came as no surprise when Salesforce created a Webinar Series for business leaders to attend and gain insight on how to handle the new normal.

This webpage was created to provide leaders with tips on Working from home, helpful resources and to gain registration for an interactive discussion hosted by Salesforce's President & COO, Bret Taylor, and special guest Linda A. Hill on leading through change and preparing for the future.

While assisting a team of designers with the imagery, such as the feature banner, my main task-focused more on the web design and digital side of things; the buildup and structure of the page, as well as user testing. Everyone on the team was happy with the end result, as was I! This Landing Page was used as the template for the rest of the series and for a multitude of event pages!

See the full page here.

Project Type:

Web Design



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